Who am I?

I am Jeremy, living and eating in San Francisco Bay Area. With backgrounds in psychology, business, and digital marketing, I’m an avid food photographer, food brand influencer, and future food festival director.

Starting in 2007, my obsession with photographing food started as a hobby when visiting Hong Kong with a small compact digital camera that my parents gave me. Fast forward many years later and many pounds gained, I’ve eaten and photographed food at well over 1,700 restaurants around the Bay Area. This serious hobby became a self-started business by 2012, when I started to provide quality food photography to restaurants.

Today, I help restaurants, food brands, and food startups grow their social media presence and digital marketing situation through attractive food photography and engaging storytelling around Bay Area with an emphasis on top restaurants in San Francisco.


What is Jeremy Chung Photography?

Jeremy Chung Photography serves as a food portfolio. specializing in stylistic food photography in San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the premiere food photographers in San Francisco Bay Area, Jeremy Chung Photography showcases the best times with family and friends. My clients include SF restaurants and food start-ups around Bay Area.

My goal of food photography is to make food look as good (or better) than it tastes. Through photography, I share my passion of food.


Why food?

Food is ingrained in our daily lives. Take a walk down San Francisco where hole-in-the-wall restaurants with decades of history and designer restaurants reside on the same street. Through food, San Francisco celebrates diversity.

Food is how we express ourselves. It's how we socialize - it's how we communicate.


Key Clients



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