Food Photography Workshops

By popular demand, our food photography workshops are back.

This time, in Foster City.

(Don't know where Foster City is? It's a little place, jutting out from San Mateo. Has 30K people. Lots of Chinese food. Nice views of the 92 and airplanes landing at SFO.)

In 2016, we held a series of food photography workshops. Thanks to the generosity of many restauranteurs, we were able to host various brunch parties around SF. Over the past year, we've partnered with many top SF restaurants to create more viral buzz - we ultimately generated more butts in seats, and enjoyed many food and drinks along the ride. Through Dish Crawl Co, we were able to reach the masses by giving restauranteurs a voice by helping them articulate their brand story through visual storytelling.

The food photography workshop hosted by Jer Chung at Dish Crawl Co resumes. This workshop includes instruction of what angles to take and how to use natural lighting to your advantage. From this workshop, you will learn how to produce food photography that renders you the Instagram-envy of all of your friends. This workshop is held in Foster City in a cozy home. There is limited space in the workshops as we want to have each workshop be intimate and personalized. As such, we allow only 14 people maximum per workshop.

The goal of the Food Photography Workshop is mainly for restauranteurs take beautiful photos of food for their customers. Since we eat with our eyes, it is crucial to produce highly captivating imagery.


Our typical agenda at a workshop is as follows:

You will arrive at the address and check in. Once you have checked in at the gate, you will proceed to the space. There are basic rules of the space: do not enter any other rooms, besides the main space that is attached to the kitchen. Do not take anything from the kitchen or the space. We will have a table set-up. Once we have gone through the presentation and workshop, you are free to eat anything in the space (but not the kitchen).

6:30 -  7: Introduction: We will serve champagne and get to know each other as well as what some of our goals are for the workshop.

7:30 - 8: Presentation: During our presentation, you are free to take notes and ask questions.

8 - 8:30: Workshop: Hands on experience of many dishes and different situations. You may eat the food once everyone gets their ideal photos.

Once workshop is over, dinner is served. Dinner consists of a full three course meal and champagne pairings. 



Who: Everyone in the food & beverage industry who has an interest in making very attractive food photography.

What: Food photography workshop

When: TBD

Where: Foster City, California

Why: You would love to learn how to take better photos to become the Instagram-envy of all of your friends. We've got all of the know-how for you to become the Instagram-envy, and you will leave the workshop with a collection of stunningly beautiful imagery.


Check out for more information on how we help put more butts in seats at restaurants. Reach out to Jer at with any questions you may have about this event. Get tickets before they sell out - tickets usually sell out a week before the event!



From 101: Take Hillsdale Blvd exit towards Foster City, and do a U-turn at Edgewater Blvd. Turn right at the first right that says "Meridian Bay Ln"

From 92: Take Mariners Blvd and use the left two lines to turn left onto Edgewater Blvd. Turn right at Edgewater Blvd and turn right at "Meridian Bay Ln"

For parking, there are many visitor spots available. If there are no more, please text (650) 944 9904 for assistance.