Know your self-worth

Today, we let go of one of our clients. At Dish Crawl Co (and life at large), it's imperative to be working with people who foster a positive working environment. This client unfortunately didn't even come close to positive, so we let them go. Knowing your self-worth has never been more clear to me now, than ever. Whether you're working for a boss in your 9-5 job or working for many as a freelancer or entrepreneur, qualify your relationships constantly. It was a $12K revenue loss, but there's nothing better than the feeling that you won't take shit from anyone.


Once you invest in the things that really matter, good things expontentially keep happening.

You are the CEO of your life.

Every day brings you the options of how to design your time.

Who to hire and fire from your life.

How to manage your relationships.

How to give yourself what you deserve.

The ability to follow your own vision and evangelize it to others.

Every day, you are the CEO.


This is how I look at career. There are many different paths you can take. Most (90%+) take one path. And then the other 10% take another path.

In path 1, this individual is trading away time for money. This is usually the 9-5 hustle. Everyone in this path is trading away time away for money directly, whether this is in the form of $15 dollars per hour scooping ice cream or $100 dollars per hour working in an office.

In path 2, this individual is working on his/her own vision. This is usually in the form of finding one's own passion and marketability to a large audience. The work is rewarding intrinsically, but also pays the bills, because of self-reliance and strong goal-setting. This is what everyone wants to do, but few actually carry out doing. In this path, the sky is the limit. But it's not for everyone, especially if one doesn't have the coachability or resilience to carry out his/her vision.

Time is the most valuable asset and I personally chose path 2 with no regrets.

I often question what my own billable rate is. When I'm spending time outside of my business, every hour has value, whether this is in growing relationships with people or self-improvement in hiking or the gym. These are things that you really can't place a price on it. But outside of this, when I'm at work, it's important to me that my billable rate has no ceiling.

What's your billable rate?

So much gratitude

I had a few client meetings in the morning, then in the afternoon, met with another restaurant. After that I had milk tea with one of my closest friends, and took the rest of the day off. While we were hanging out, I had a check mailed to me, and received a notification of $$ coming in. About $5,329 USD came in while we were chilling. We were just listening to house music. An amazing feeling. Thankful for my biz and my closest friends.


I may not be the most exceptional, but I've got perseverance and grit. And that's what gets you further along in life than anything.

In making friends or hiring people for my team, this is what I'm looking for most.

Without grit, well, you're just damned flaky at best.


Travel Plans

This year's travel plans include:

New York City, Toronto

San Diego


Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore

Los Angeles

I will just start with these and take it from there.

Work. Life. And Balance.

It's essential to take some time off work. It helps us regain energy and focus.

More importantly, time off work keeps us grounded in the things that are most important to us in life, lest we forget.

Working 12+ hour days is not healthy, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. At the end of the day, what we do for others matter most. To me, my relationship with my friends, family, and significant other matter most.

In my opinion, focusing on business and clients doesn't keep me warm at night. And warmth is important to me.