Go Fish Poke Bar | Cupertino, CA

I recently went to Go Fish for the third time and was amazed by the quality of food. This time, unlike the first two times when I ordered the triple fish combination (salmon, yellowtail, scallops) with crab meat and half brown rice plus half yam noodles, I had the miso beef short ribs. The flavor and tenderness of the beef struck me hard. It’s apparent that Chef Jerome Ito cares about the freshness of ingredients. The mere simplicity of the miso beef bowl allowed me to focus my attention on the sharp flavor of the beef. The miso braised short rib came with a pank crusted soft egg and pickled red ginger. I had mine with yam noodles, accompanied with spicy togarashi aioli (a fancy way to say spicy mayo) and furikake. It came with an extra (I chose the seaweed salad, which is clearly made in house). Though I don’t like choosing from many different combinations, Go Fish’s Menu is clear.  You start by picking your base (whether it’s sushi rice, brown rice, mixed greens, yam noodles, nachos, or some combination thereof). After, your pick your poke (which is mixed with white onion and cucumber. I like the signature poke mix, especially the spicy scallops. The store itself is beautiful with hipster acouterments, lightings, and nice etchings on the wall. There is a TV showing some Hong Kong drama and usually it is not too crowded to dine-in. Beware, the food here is addictive, but also much healthier than the many fast food alternatives in the area. Consider it high end modern casual fast food.