This is how I look at career. There are many different paths you can take. Most (90%+) take one path. And then the other 10% take another path.

In path 1, this individual is trading away time for money. This is usually the 9-5 hustle. Everyone in this path is trading away time away for money directly, whether this is in the form of $15 dollars per hour scooping ice cream or $100 dollars per hour working in an office.

In path 2, this individual is working on his/her own vision. This is usually in the form of finding one's own passion and marketability to a large audience. The work is rewarding intrinsically, but also pays the bills, because of self-reliance and strong goal-setting. This is what everyone wants to do, but few actually carry out doing. In this path, the sky is the limit. But it's not for everyone, especially if one doesn't have the coachability or resilience to carry out his/her vision.

Time is the most valuable asset and I personally chose path 2 with no regrets.

I often question what my own billable rate is. When I'm spending time outside of my business, every hour has value, whether this is in growing relationships with people or self-improvement in hiking or the gym. These are things that you really can't place a price on it. But outside of this, when I'm at work, it's important to me that my billable rate has no ceiling.

What's your billable rate?