There are many reasons why I've been on social media less lately, but the main reason boils down to authenticity and lack thereof. I really dislike how Instagram misrepresents who I am as a person and how people who view it can make such broad assumptions about my life. Unfortunately, if you've been following it, know and understand that the image on Instagram is not me, and it is only my work. While I enjoy my work, I do not consider my work an extension of who I am as a person, my likes, dislikes, my personality, the struggles that I face on a daily basis, or anything other than it is just merely my work. At the end of the day, I'm just an individual with an average life, and Instagram fails to encapsulate such, that it is painfully disconcerting when people reference my Instagram as an extension of myself. It is seriously dissonant.

I'm very thankful for the endless support that I've received for my work, but understand that I do not have to post on Instagram when asked to (I've been asked where I was at least 100+ times the past month), and I prefer to get to know people in real life. I want to hear about your hopes and dreams, your struggles, who you are as a person, rather than see things in a light that is just so fucking one-sided and empty.